We have Exciting News!

Mike's Tree Surgeons is merging with SavATree, a leading provider of expert tree, shrub, and lawn care. Click for details



Since our inception in 1984, Mike's Tree Surgeons has taken great pride in our dedication to protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the landscapes entrusted in our care. Our highly trained staff follows horticultural standards and practices to ensure that your landscape maintains not only its beauty, but its health as well.  Mike's Tree Surgeons is a TCIA Accredited company with over 34 years of experience and over 15 Certified Arborists on staff.


While horticulture is a major part of what we do, it's not the only thing we're proud of.  As a family owned company, Mike's Tree Surgeons takes great care in treating our employees like one of our own. Continued education, training and mentorship are the primary reason we have been able to retain such exceptional talent over the years. Our staff not only cares about your landscape, they care about you, your family and our environment.


In the realm of landscape management, Mike's Tree Surgeons is a leader in providing environmentally conscious Tree, Lawn and Plant Health Care. All of our programs are customized to fit the unique requirements of your landscape, emphasizing a proactive approach rather than being reactive; thereby improving the effectiveness of treatments and the health of your trees, shrubs, plants and lawn.


We take our role as a good environment stewards very seriously.  For years, it broke our hearts to turn down trees into just firewood & mulch.  Now, we have the great honor of announcing that Mike’s Tree Surgeons has started a branch of the company, called LIVE EDGE DETROIT, that salvages logs from the firewood pile and mills them into usable materials right here in our backyard!  In addition to raw materials, Live Edge Detroit also sell finished products such as cutting boards, serving trays, bowls, candle holders and even some finished furniture and shelving.

For more information on how to shop, please visit the Live Edge Detroit website!