Our tree care specialists have the experience, training and latest equipment to safely and efficiently trim or remove your trees. We are proud that our clean-ups are considered to be the best in the industry. Pruning trees and shrubs properly will improve structure, reduce storm damage and add years of landscape enjoyment. We also preserve large trees by installing lightning protection systems, cabling and bracing.

Our Plant Health Care (PHC) department has always operated in a fashion that is "environmentally friendly." We encourage the use of cultural, mechanical, and biological means to minimize the need for chemical use. These are the basic tenets of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). By treating your plants with appropriate products at the optimum time, your landscape will continue to flourish and remain environmentally sound.


In an effort to establish a lawn care program that provides for the diverse needs of our clients, Mike's Tree Surgeons is proud to offer the following programs: 

  • Bio-Turf Lawn Care
    This traditional lawn care program consists of 5 applications of our quality granular fertilizers, crabgrass control as well as broadleaf weed control. We monitor the property for any potential insect or disease problems, while providing timely watering and mowing tips throughout the season.

  • Essential-Turf Lawn Care
    This 5-application program has all the same great features of our Bio-Turf Lawn care; however this program utilizes organic based fertilizers for a greener healthier turf. We also minimize the use of pesticides by spot spraying.

  • Healthy- Turf Lawn Care
    This 4-application program follows the guidelines of Michigan Green Industry Association's (MGIA) Healthy Lawn Care Program for Watershed Protection of which Mike's Tree Surgeons is an endorsed member. Visit MGIA HLCP for more details. 

  • Organic- Turf Lawn Care
    This 4-application program uses entirely organic fertilizer and no weed control. No synthetic or manufactured products are applied.